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1.8.0 BETA 3 2015-08-28

Hey everyone! New Beta build fresh out of the oven! This build mainly was aimed at fixing the previous versions performance issues. Server Owners, please give us feedback as to whether you notice a difference!
  • General Changes
    • Combo Manager performance improvement (Thanks to @Coolade)
    • Commands class rewrite.
    • Removed TagAPI config option.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Bending in spectator mode.
    • Fixed various moved causing paralysis.
    • Fixed NPE in Bending Player.
    • Fixed NPE in GeneralMethods.
    • Fixed NPE in LunarEclipseMessage.
    • Fixed Presets not saving properly. (Thanks to @kingbirdy Glad to have you back!)
    • Fixed staff tags not displaying with /b who.
  • Airbending Changes
    • Fixed Air Sweep going through blocks.
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  • Version: 2015-08-28
i like the plugin really much