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1.8.0 BETA 12

1.8.0 BETA 12 2016-6-20

Hello, everyone! This is again a bug fix heavy BETA! We are chugging away at the bugs and this will most likely be the last BETA release before 1.8.0 is FINISHED. It's been almost a year on this version, and we are all super excited for what 1.9.0 has to offer!

Changes / Additions:

• Added 1.9 and 1.10 particle effects to the particle effect library (for addon developers)

• Added Properties.TogglePassivesWithAllBending config option. Defaults to true and will make passives be disabled when bending is toggled with /bending toggle all

• Added Nonbender prefix to language file

• Added bubbles to underwater OctopusForm

• Added more ice beneath the player when using OctopusForm (on water)

• PhaseChange now melts ice from WaterArms Spear

• Water returning from Bottlebending now shows bubbles when underwater

• Re-enabled WarriorStance

• Changed default chat prefixes (and re-added them in after they got lost)

• Updated the staff list in /b who


• Fixed OctopusForm creating a dome of ice under water

• Fixes disabled abilities still being able to be bound and used

• Fixes Torrent flood issue with bottlebending

• Fixed Combos not being able to be disabled

• Fixed IceBlast Selection Bug

• Fixed WallOfFire having no knockback

• Fixed Watermanipulation creating air pockets.

• Fixed surge wall removing leaves

• Fixed Extraction not being a metal ability

• Fixed {ability} not being replaced when trying to bind non-existent

• Fixed permremoving command not sending a message to the executor

• Fixed remove command sending user 2 remove messages if they removed their own bending

• Fixed who command not replacing {target} in message for players that
aren't found

• Fixes waterbending getting a really far away source when selecting

• Fixed WaterManipulation disappearing when the player taps shift

• Fixed being able to use current WaterManips as sources for other

• Fixed WaterWave being able to grab more sources while spinning around the player

• Fixed IceWave not having a death message

• Fixed IceWave and IceBullet from having the wrong colored death

• Fixed /b who not working on offline players

• Fixed IceBlast being removed when pressing shift

• Fixed not being able to select ice and plants as sources for

• Fixed help command showing hidden abilities (WaterReturn, etc)

Report Any Additional Bugs Here: http://www.projectkorra.com/support-tickets/open
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Is this compatible with Minecraft 1.9?
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2016-6-20
Amazing, this work in server 1.9 and 1.8 fine ?
Amazing! I love this build.