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1.8.0 BETA 11

1.8.0 BETA 11 2016-6-8

Hey, guys!
In this build, it's mostly major bug fixes left behind from beta 10 - There are still bugs in the plugin and we are working on them, however, we thought it would be best for us to release a beta build with the major bug fixes.
Please leave feedback on this beta build and if more bugs pop up, we request you report them here: http://www.projectkorra.com/support-tickets/open

Changes / Additions:

  • Added PlayerJumpEvent
  • Added "snowBlocks" config list.
  • Added snow methods to ElementalAbility and BlockSource.
  • Added SNOW enum value to BlockSourceType.
  • Added check for if snow isWaterbendable.
  • Added config option for Torrent's multiple hit damage.
  • Added config option for how many times Torrent can hit.
  • Added AbilityProgressEvent.
  • Added new ClickType (LEFT_CLICK_ENTITY)
  • Allows moves to be created that don't require the user to be an Avatar to use them.
  • Changes some default config values.
  • Updated the staff list in /bending who
  • Fixed NPE in blocksource.
  • Fixed a bug that caused passives to stop working.
  • Fixed a bug allowing other passives to remain enabled in disabled worlds.
  • Fixed /b remove message.
  • Fixed custom element prefixes.
  • Fixed WaterManipulation and EarthBlast being able to be selected as a source.
  • Fixed fly glitches with AirSpout/SandSpout + FireJet.
  • Fixed AirCombo cooldowns.
  • Fixed HealingWater's "shiftRequired" config option.
  • Fixed the config not generating "enabled: true" for FireSpin.
  • Fixed Surge's select range.
  • Fixed WaterManipulation turning ice into water.
  • Fixed ChiBlocker's taking no fall damage.
  • Fixed AirScooter stopping when switching binds.
  • Fixed AvatarState's cooldown.
  • Fixed incorrect tabbing with /b remove.
  • Fixed / cleaned /b remove.
  • Fixed earth temp blocks dealing damage.
  • Fixed disabled abilities still being bound.
  • Fixed Catapult cooldown.
  • Fixed SwiftKick being able to be used on the ground.
  • Fixed SwiftKick cooldown.
  • Fixed Immobilize cooldown.
  • Fixed Immobilize permission.
  • Fixed Immobilize activating if target = null.
  • Fixed /bending display <combo> aliases.
  • Fixed ChiCombo permission not being default.
  • Fixed IceBullet using the wrong name in the config.
  • Fixed BloodBending's range.
  • Fixed WaterArms Spear not removing, even forcefully
  • Fixed FireBlast still loading when disabled
  • Fixed FireBlast still being able to be charged when on a different
  • Fixed EntityDamageByBlock NPE
Report Any Additional Bugs Here: http://www.projectkorra.com/support-tickets/open
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