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1.8.0 BETA 10

1.8.0 BETA 10 2016-4-6

Hey everyone! Beta 10 is out! This was one of our most ambitious builds to date, we completely redesigned our entire ability, element, subelement, and message system. Sadly this progress will break ALL addons and you will need to regen your ProjectKorra config files, We have a post for developers and server owners on what to expect and how to update here: http://projectkorra.com/posts/57236/. As you can probably tell from the absolutely huge fixes list, we went to work on those bugs. There is something for everyone, server owners, players, and developers. Be sure to run through the log and make sure to post your feedback! Also, remember to post Questions for our upcoming Q/A! This version of Project Korra Operates on Minecraft version 1.8

  • Fixed ChiCombo OutOfBoundsException
  • Fixed NPE in EarthSmash
  • Fixed NPE in IceSpike
  • Fixed NPE in Remove Event
  • Fixed NPE in PKListener
  • Fixed Fall Damage NPE
  • Fixed QuickStrike memory Leak
  • Fixed ShockWave Memory Leak
  • Fixed WaterSpout Memory Leak
  • Fixed RPG compatibility
  • Fixed various Suffocate issues
  • Fixed Earth dropping items when it reverts
  • Fixed WallOfFire affecting entities within blocks
  • Fixed remove event
  • Fixed smokescreen ignoring cooldowns
  • Fixed all chi abilities not respecting cooldowns
  • Fixed WaterSpout and AirSpout not letting users fast swim
  • Fixed Tornado and FireJet categorization as Harmless
  • Fixed Twister radius Config option
  • Fixed the Stances effects
  • Fixed being able to IceSpike an IceSpike
  • Fixed being able to grab a grabbed entity with WaterArms
  • Fixed EarthBlast source blocks losing data values
  • Fixed various EarthSmash bugs (Range, Damage, ect)
  • Fixed Disabled Worlds disabling everything
  • Fixed Torrent MultiSourcing
  • Fixed IceWave and WaterWave
  • Fixed Preset duplication on reload
  • Fixed ComboManager ClickTypes
  • Fixed WaterManipulation Range
  • Fixed WaterSpout fly glitch
  • Fixed ProjectKorra messing with other plugin’s explosions
  • Fixed cooldowns of fall induced ShockWave and AirBurst
  • Fixed various AirScooter issues
  • Fixed dynamic sourcings dig depth
  • Fixed Bloodbending target
  • Fixed AirShield knockback
  • Fixed AirSwipe Cooldown
  • Fixed FireCombos not cooking meat
  • Fixed FireBlast Damage
  • Fixed being able to select sources through walls
  • Fixed FireBurst DeathMessage
  • Fixes PlantArmor selection
  • Fixed EarthArmor and PlantArmor Reverting
  • Fixed various issues with Passives
  • Fixed ProjectKorra respecting GriefPrevention Regions
  • Fixed OctopusForm cooldown and selection
  • Fixed HeatControl not working underwater
  • Fixed LavaFlow issues
  • Fixed beding firing when you right click a fishing rod
  • Fixed IceWave Ice thawing
  • Fixed removing elements removes RPG Avatar status
  • Fixed AvatarState cooldown resetting after relog
  • Fixed Airburst triggering doors and levers

  • Added BindUpdateEvent
  • Added AbilityDamageEntityEvent
  • Added AbilityStartEvent
  • Added AbilityEndEvent
  • Added BendingPlayerCreationEvent
  • Added the ability to create Custom Elements and Subelements
  • Added config option for velocity damage to be triggered by barriers
  • Added Residence support
  • Added Plant and Ice SourceBlock list (just like earth)
  • Added DamageHandler
  • Added Language file
  • Added support for sp00ky Spirits
  • Added SubElements to the database (no longer stored based on permissions)
  • Added SubElement compatibility to choose, add, and remove commands
  • Added config options to enable specific combos
  • Added Tabbing to most commands

General Changes
  • Cleaned old ConfigManager options
  • Cleaned old BendingManager methods
  • Cleaned all PK related Commands
  • PlayerBendingDeathEvent changed to EntityBendingDeathEvent and now recognized entity PlayerBendingDeathEvent triggers when an entity is killed by bending fire
  • Help only shows commands you have access to
  • HealingWater can be configured to require shift to heal oneself
First release
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Nice Plugin, but how long you need to release it for 1.9
I was crazy waiting for this beta for so long, but it was worth it. Development team, you are amazing.
everything seems all good only one issue i may be overlooking i dont see a way to dissble the chat prefixes
I've been waiting a long time for most of these fixes thank you ^o^
Have you guys realize how sexy this update is?
Thank you all for working so hard <3