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1.8.0 BETA 1 2015-08-19

Hello everyone! Here goes the first ProjectKorra (Core) 1.8.0 BETA Build. The first thing you should notice is that we now house BETA builds in the Resources section of the forum. This allows us to store Dev Builds, so you can revert back to previous Dev Builds (starting with this one) at any time!

Our focus for 1.8.0 includes a lot of reworks and revamps. We focused this first Dev Build on a lot of bug fixes. Our staff has been very hard at work -- enjoy, and as always, report any bugs you may find.

  • General Changes
    • /b debug Changes
      • /b debug output has been changed for readability. Instead of outputting abilities in the order they're loaded, the command now outputs them alphabetically, first stock and then unofficial.
    • General Combo Changes
      • Combos are now displayed in /bending display Fire/Water/Air/Earth/ChiCombos
      • Combo usage is now being displayed in /bending help ComboName
      • Using /bending help Combo shows correct usage, just so people get used to the new method. (Long gone is the large wall of text if you are looking for just one Combo)
    • GeneralMethods changes
      • Added GeneralMethods.getComboColor() - returns ChatColor
      • Added GeneralMethods.getComboElement() - returns Element
      • GeneralMethods.getAbilitySubElement() - Returns the sub element of the ability specified if it has one.
        • Main element can now be gotten from subelements via subelement.getMainElement()
        • Elements and SubElements now contain methods to get their correct ChatColor.
        • Overall - Elements and SubElements are better integrated as they should be for Developers.
    • Added a catch for nonexistent commands and help topics. Refers the command sender to /bending help instead of not displaying a message at all.
    • /bending help Changes
      • Added /bending help Check
      • Added /bending help Debug
      • Added /bending help Presets
      • Added /bending help Avatar
    • Grappling Hooks have been removed.
      • These will be added to ProjectKorra (Items)
    • /bending display Changes
      • Subelement abilities are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Fixed errors when the plugin is loaded while the website is offline. (Updater will no longer throw errors if projectkorra.com is down)
    • Output for MySQL / SQLite connections cleaned up.
  • Airbending Changes
    • AirSweep (Combo) should no longer go through walls.
    • AirBlast Changes
      • Added new config options: (All default true)
        • CanFlickLever (Whether AirBlast flicks lever)
        • CanOpenDoors (Whether AirBlast opens doors)
        • CanCoolLava (Whether AirBlast cools lava)
      • Fixed issue where AirBlast could flick levers, etc, in regions without explicit permissions.
    • AirSpout Changes
      • AirSpout is no longer disabled on right click.
  • Waterbending Changes
    • Bloodbending Changes
      • Added a CanBloodbendOtherBloodbenders option for Bloodbending in the config. Defaults to false.
  • Firebending Changes
    • FireBlast Changes
      • Changed config option "Power" to "ExplosionRadius" for charged FireBlasts.
      • Added new config option "DamageBlocks" for Charged FireBlasts.
      • Charged FireBlasts can now set fire to more than one mob.
      • Fixed setting explosion radius to 0 still destroying blocks.
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