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Welcome to the new ProjectKorra


Staff member
Hello everyone! I hope you notice something looks different. We've redesigned the entire ProjectKorra online presence and honestly, it was long overdue.

Our new landing page is located at http://projectkorra.com. It is designed with YOU in mind. We've made it easier than ever to find downloads, servers, documentation, and all of the other things you may need.

The forum is now nested in http://projectkorra.com/forum/. This means that all old links to threads will break and will need to be updated. You can update a thread simply by adding /forum/ to the URL between projectkorra.com and thread.

We've introduced a new forum structure, new forum icons, logos, and more!

Our final major change, for now, is that ads are GONE from our forum. We have introduced featured servers to help us keep ProjectKorra free forever. Depending on the success of featured servers, we may be able to stay ad-free forever.

Let me know if you have any questions, report any errors you may find, and enjoy!