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Suggestion Stun Glove

A popular weapon of the Chiblockers in LoK the stun glove looks like a really cool and useful weapon to have for chiblockers. One way for it to work is: When you punch someone with this ability selected you deal half a heart of damage, 5 seconds of blindness, and 5 seconds of not moving (basically the slow effect but so that the person cant move at all.), and 6 seconds of nausea. I think since this would be such a powerful attack it should have like a 15-20 second cooldown.

This has been suggested many times before. I can provide two links.
Both were denied.

I think if this were to be a thing, it should be involved in Pk Items, not Core.
It would be an hypocrisy. Let's look at Smokescreen! It's an ability that conjures the smokescreen out of thin air. Legitimitly (is that my invented word), either swap that current ability into an item (and move those suggestions undeny under ITEMS section), or leave glove as an ability.

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