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Suggestion New Plantbending ability idea: PlantBurst


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Hello Everybody! I wanna introduce me idea to you. I get inpsired to thinking abouth how we can make more effective the Plantbending,and more useful. Its similar to shockwave,AirBurst,FireBurst, just a bit different...You can use this 2 kinds of type

1.PlantOutBurst:The user charges the ability with shift and when the charge ready to shot,the user releases the shift and the Plants(Double Tallgrass) Burst all the direction around the user.

2.PlantWave: The user charges the ability and if the charge ready to shot,Click to a direction and a plantwave spreads to the selected direction

I hope you enjoyed my idea,thank you for reading this suggestion :)


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Says that "[it's] just a bit different".... later describes having the same functionality apart from the difference that it bends plants and intent us to read our minds for us to take a while guess how it's different at all with the lack of given damage&knockback input in this suggestion. :D

Really though, how is it any "a bit different" from other burst/shockwave abilities, apart from what type of thing it bends? If that's what you referring, then.... ehh.

As a custom ability? Perhaps it could be as one. However, doesn't fit on the CORE/STOCK domain since it doesn't really offer new to the table and already has a heck ton of ways to deal damage with knockback (torrent blast, octo, waterams, icespike, iceblast, etc.).
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do they like. absorb the plants around them?
because if they just burst with nothing in their inventory or with literally just nothing at all regardless, thats a little strange
its not like the human body is made of plants