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My Bending Experience: Tips of the waterbender


Air/Water Team Move: FLYING OCTOPUS MONSTER - For this you need an airbender and a waterbender. The airbender will have to AirStream, and the waterbender will have to keep OctopusForm going. The airbender AirStreams the waterbender into a crowd of mindless peasants, and the waterbender rapidly clicks with OctopusForm. It is a bloodbath.
beautiful so beautiful



HealingWaters undoes status effects, so rotten flesh is great for anyone with HealingWaters. It also undoes Smokescreen
If Katara knew her full potential over her healing power, she could have healed poor Toph blindness.

....Or maybe she already knew it, but didn't want to relieve it to her so that she could stay blind. Hmmh???