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So I've always have wondered this question... What is the best element and why?
Personally I feel as if WaterBending would be the best element. The reason I say Water would be the best is because you can first of bloodbend. Imagine not having control of yourself, You could do many things with a ability like that. Also Ice Bending, That would be scary and dangerous at the same time. Roughly 100 people annually die to getting impaled by icicles. Plant Bending, In the show Avatar the Last AirBender is shows the swamp benders having the ability to control vines ensnaring your enemies. And last, WaterBending. Ok I don't think this is ever shown in the series but with WaterBending you could drown people. You can create massive waves pushing everyone far away from you. WaterBending all around is super dangerous, Scary, and magestic.


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This question is pretty multi-faceted and open to a nice discussion. I'm happy to participate.

My favorite element is Water -- namely because of the Waterbenders we see in the series. I truly believe Katara and Korra are two of the most powerful benders in the series. On top of that, the sub elements for Water (Bloodbending / Healing namely) are pretty badass. It simply seems like the most versatile element.

I'm also a big fan of firebending. In Avatar: The Last Airbender it appeared much stronger than it did in The Legend of Korra (that's true for most bending, actually). The raw power possessed by the likes of Ozai, Zuko, Iroh, and to a degree, Mako is impressive.


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My favorite element is earth. Particularly the lavabending subskill. I like how powerful it is, and it's just pretty dang cool to create lava.


I love all the elements, they each have something different that I think we can all admire. But my absolute favorite would be Earthbending, I have always been fond of Toph and her skills as an Earthbender (Metalbending, Seismic Sense, etc).


I've always admired Waterbending for it's resourceful nature, but Air has always had an advantage in my decision...

I think Air would be my favorite because of how you can manipulate basically everything around you. By being an Airbender, you could almost bend everything by just controlling it with air currents xD But I also like the freedom and philosophy behind being an Airbender. The idea to be at peace with everything and for everyone to be equal (Because everyone born into the Air Nation had Airbending) is just such a great and perfect thought. It's so saddening that the most peaceful of the nations had to go extinct first.... But that really contributed to the story line of both ATLA and TLOK.

I'd also like Airbending because of the amount of power we can see it has in TLOK. Yea, it could be a bunch of bursts and stuff, but you can dodge quickly, manipulate things to your advantage, and just mess with people xD


Air bending, for sure... Mostly because how they live, how they think... I feel so identified by those things... I'm even vegan :eek: (i think they are vegetarian tho, can't recall now)

And maybe as a 2nd element, fire... It's so... emotional lol so full of energy, strong and peaceful at the same time... (I mean, the firebending from Iroh and such) It's so sad we don't have that kind of fire in Minecraft :(

All elements are nice, the creators of TLA did a great job "balancing" them... I'm not finished with Korra already, so can't speak for it, but it's like... a different approach, maybe? Something like that... Like more focused on events, and "show", and less on other factors...

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Waterbending... I can't really grasp when waterbenders used the emphasized idea of "turning their opponents strength against them", but for an odd reason I do like that they utilize that stragedic concept despite not witnessing it much. Water is just.... Idk, I just like that thing and irl. That's probably why I like it.

Waterbending, in the plugin really needs work (among with Earthbending), more especally for its utility use (why can't build houses/base/huts out of those elements?!?).