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[Combo] SummonSelf

[Combo] SummonSelf 2.0


xNuminousx submitted a new resource:

SummonSelf - Summon a clone-like current of air to rush towards your opponents and deal knockback

While in a powerful rush, you're able to take your momentum and force it outward in your direction! Launch a clone-like current of yourself towards opponents to deal knockback and damage.

This ability is based on my very first suggestion and post to the forums and I thought it'd be fun to make it a reality (since it got denied.....). You can find that...
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It lives! I still players inertia (is that the world I'm looking for) would been interesting triggering dynamic. The faster player's momentum speed, the stronger the attack is released. Perhaps only under the circumstance If the player was in mid-air, this could be as alternative airburst cone.


I think you mean the lesser the players momentum towards the blast, the less they’re knocked back. if they’re moving towards the blast, then there’d be more resistance and they’d be knocked back less. if they’re velocity was significantly more than the blast, then they’d cancel it out entirely.

For example, on TV shows I commonly see the joke where the scrawny kids tried to hit a bigger person. when they take the swing the bigger person doesn’t move at all. but when the bigger person returns the punch, the scrawny person gets thrown across the room. this is because the bigger person has more resistance to a lesser force, whereas the scrawny person has less and is more susceptible to being moved.
I mean the airbender that's firing the attack. Oppose to charging like rooted earthbender, they would release the attack by fueling their momentum.


oh i see what you mean. but there's only 1 sprinting speed, unless you have a potion effect applied to you. and the combo requires that you're springing.


True. Maybe just sprinting (probably not while hopping) could allow to instantly charge and fire it?
well it’s a combo ability and requires a sequence of actions to work. not sure if those actions could change depending on situation, haven’t really looked into it.
Maybe you could experiment and try to have a (configurable, perhaps) animation / hitbox change where instead of particles it uses tempblocks (probably white or light gray stained glass blocks), with less particles. Just an idea. I've seen how tempblocks with cyan stained glass works for lightning and it looks pretty neat when combined with the proper particles.

Also when the speed is anything but the default speed, the animation of the blast that summonself creates kinda gets distorted.

Also a better name could just be Air Silhouette


well remember that all I was trying to accomplish was creating my first post and suggestion to the forums. It was just for some fun. If servers want to use it that's cool.


xNuminousx updated SummonSelf with a new update entry:


-Fixed the possibility of spawning multiple instances of the ability. The ability will now remove itself after 2 seconds of no activity.
-Added collision detection with abilities AirShield and FireShield. If it hits either of these abilities it'll remove itself.
-Fixed the knockback application to both user and target. It'll now apply knockback no matter where you are looking (as opposed to no knockback if you looked direction up or down).
-The knockback done to the target is now applied...
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