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Change or Remove WallOfFire

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WallOfFire - Change

as it is now its pretty stupid. Normally benders have to concentrate on things they bend. But seems like WallOfFire bends itself?

Change; no click function to start it, shift to create it inforn of you and keep holding shift. If you let go, it will fade away again.

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This walloffire "issue" corresponds how the actual ability worked in the tv show - Korra made it, than run off while Amon was chasing her and her's bf.
Avatar Wiki said:
Korra blocks his way with a wall of fire and makes another one to be safe. Mako enters a room with Korra behind him. Amon jumps over the wall of fire and looks to see where they have gone.
Except Zhao had to use firebending to get through it. I'm thinking there could be a delay where the upper side of the shield will dissipate and re-appear after 3 seconds, allowing a chi blocker or air bender to jump over it.


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Actually, WallofFire now is a balanced ability damage. If we remember that it once was, now WallOfFire very balanced ability for damage. Sorry for the repetition. But if you propose to use Shift, it seems more realistic. I think designers will pay attention to it.
I think that it should have a chargetime and a startup animation. WallofFire was instantly created, and it didn't go **poof* the fire appears** - it just appear from the sides and expanded inward and arise from the ground...


We need this. Those lazy firebenders just causing problems in dem arenas because they have moves that just involve left clicking.
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