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  1. StrangeOne101

    Side Plugin Change 1.0 (1.13.2+)

    Change Change, as the name suggests, allows players to change their element with ease. Features A nice, easy to use GUI/Menu! A configurable cooldown for changing your element Multi-element support! Allows the user to pick the element they want to gain as well as one they want to lose "Chi is...
  2. Spurkl3z

    Suggestion vanilla changing elements

    hei aloh ive a suggestion and i dont get how its not implemented yet coz its pretty basic so, i run a semivanilla server (no plugins other than worldedit denizen and pk) and i wish to be able to let players change their elements at spawn i dont want to mess with a permissions plugin, coz they...
  3. Vahagn

    Water Manipulation.

    Water Manipulation is the most basic move in a waterbenders arsenal and it has the LEAST amount of uses. I think that Water Manipulation should be more similar to actually manipulating water instead of blasting it in 1 direction with little creativity on uses.. It would work the same way you...
  4. IceEyes

    Change or Remove WallOfFire

    WallOfFire - Change WallOfFire as it is now its pretty stupid. Normally benders have to concentrate on things they bend. But seems like WallOfFire bends itself? Change; no click function to start it, shift to create it inforn of you and keep holding shift. If you let go, it will fade away...