Side Plugin Change 1.0 (1.13.2+)

Change, as the name suggests, allows players to change their element with ease.

  • A nice, easy to use GUI/Menu!
  • A configurable cooldown for changing your element
  • Multi-element support! Allows the user to pick the element they want to gain as well as one they want to lose
  • "Chi is not an element!" - The option to make chiblockers not be able to wield elements at the same time!
  • A command for admins or the console to reset cooldowns
  • 100% translatable!
  • The same plugin that starred on Elementum!

  • /change - Change your element
  • /change reset <user> - Reset the change cooldown for said user. The user does not have to be online.

CooldownTime: 86400000 - The cooldown time. This is in milliseconds, and defaults to 1 day.
TreatChiDifferently: true - Whether chiblockers are blocked from using elements at the same time
LoreLengthWrapping: 45 - The length of text on items before wrapping. Default is recommended, but might want to be changed if you translate the plugin.

All other configuration is just for the text. Pretty straight forward, but remember to use quotes (') if you use any special characters or if you translate to a language other than english (this is a YML issue, not my plugin)


bending.change.removecooldowns - Permission to use the change command to reset the cooldown of players
bending.command.rechoose - If players have this, they will always bypass the cooldown.


ProjectKorra 1.8.7/Spigot 1.12.2 - Version 1.0 (1.12.2)
ProjectKorra 1.8.8+/Spigot 1.13.2+ - Version 1.0 (1.13.2+)

Other Stuff

This plugin was designed for Elementum, and was loved lots by the community. Now it is time to let it go free.

This plugin uses the ProjectKorra database to store how many elements a user has and their cooldowns. It stores how many elements they have, because if the chi feature is turned on, benders will lose all their other elements when they switch to back from chi. So therefore, we store the number so they can be given them again without the help of admin assistance!

Plugin can be found on my GitHub at

"This is not an official ProjectKorra plugin, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
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