Looking Into Auto avatar

Hello! So I don't know if this is already out there, but if it isn't then yay! I came up with this idea after trying to pick a avatar every week… It kinda gets annoying. I think it would be cool is someone could make this. A auto avatar! A system that picks a avatar every week (can config the time). You can set it up so if you want it to go like Earth, Fire, Air, Water (config to your liking). I know this might be hard to code but can someone try? I have been looking for something like this but there is nothing out there. It well save so much time. Also you can make it so it will run a command so you can make it when it picks a avatar make it move to a group for example avatar.

Can someone please try to make this? It will save so much time and it will help out a lot!
This!!!! It should also pick the next avatar who holds the element next in line of the order (water, then earth, then fire, and air, and so forth). Also a config option for whenever the current avatar should die to pass the permission to another bender.