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Suggestion Airglider suggestion....

Taiko the Waterbender

Verified Member
I was wondering if the devs could recreate banners into an airglider like how this plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/bannerwings.7833/ made banners into wings. It would be really cool and out of the box. :)

Edit: I also saw an example of using banners to create wings in a hypixel lobby.
I've already seen that wings too and it looks epic!! This would be so nice if implemented!!!
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Plugin Developer
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Theoraticly, it's possible, but I'm not sure if it would be in the actual game.


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Im thinking the crafting recipe of it would be by adding armor stand in the center and then surround it with one specific color of a banner. It would still be left as a stick, but when u use it for gliding ,it would turn into certain banner with the same color that matches it that was crafted into. I would love this. GJ


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I thought I seen those banners behind player's back rather then having both of them as wings o_O. I would prefer if they were on the player BACKS. And if it is possible, place one more 1 banner horizontally on the upper body, that is extended up to were the player would hold his "arms" spread/streched or there could be those two banners, like in the link shown, except facing (the flag itself) horizontally rather then up and down, and ofcourse, no flapping, becuz gliders don't flapp.


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wow, i didnt think my suggestion would come this far, lol

anyway, it would be really cool for airbenders if u could pull it off :) , an item that actually looks like an airglider..... ON BUKKIT (okay Spigot watever :p).