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  1. Pride

    Earthbending Prride's Earth Pack Extravaganza! VERSION 1.4, PK 1.9.2

    ExtraAbilities: Prride: Bulldoze: Enabled: true Cooldown: 5000 BulldozeSpeed: 1.1 BulldozeRadius: 2.35 SelectRange: 10 MaxRange: 20 RangeIncrement: 0.2 Changeable: false Revert: true RevertTime: 30000 RockWrecker...
  2. Simplicitee

    Earthbending Shrapnel 1.0.0

    Shrapnel [Metalbending] [GIF] What It Do? Use your metalbending to throw nuggets of gold and iron like pieces of shrapnel, dealing damage when they hit entities. This requires that you have gold or iron nuggets in your inventory to launch! Click to shoot a single piece of shrapnel at high...
  3. A

    Bolin Earthbending

    So I've been rewatching Korra again and I still can't help it, but in this episode, why didn't Bolin just earthbend the walls that is behind them? It is not fricking metal! Man these guys ain't thinking outside the box. :rolleyes:
  4. A

    Liquid Metal

    Metalbenders should be able to liquify metal... This idea has been going through my mind the first time I used the PK plugin. I am not entirely sure how this would look like, mostly the reason why I am posting this so I can get suggestions. This would be activated by selecting an iron block. It...
  5. DarkPhosphorus

    Denied Special metal and lava bending ability ideas.

    Please read through before commenting, and do not tell me why somthing wouldn't work without an explanation or fix to the problem with the ability. This is more than one suggestion, so please don't deny both for just one of the abilites. Please take these ideas into consideration for future...
  6. Taiko the Waterbender

    [Earth] Compression

    Hello, guys!! I started to think on this when reading the Sub-Elements thread. Although this suggestion is simple, I believe it can make its way into core. Name: Compression (Sub)Element: Earthbending (metal, mineral and crystal bending) Description: Hold a good quantity of any ore and hold...
  7. IceEyes

    [Metal] MetalCable

    MetalCable This Suggestion is about the MetalCables the metalbenders in the series used ALOT. But here its not that usefull, and not used that much. I hope all of this suggestion is possible to code. The cables would be inform of the minecraft leash. The length of the leash will be editable with...