1. varhagna

    Airbending Nimbus 1.3.0

    Nimbus This ability allows you to ride a cloud for a limited time period, allowing for quick travel and temporary flight. If you sneak while using this ability, you will gain a slight speed boost at the cost of duration. This ability is designed to work with versions 1.8.3+ of ProjectKorra...
  2. A

    Airbending AirThrust [Flight] 2017-04-14

    Usage: Simply tap sneak to be launched into the air. This ability is useful for when you are stuck in water or lava and cannot fly away or use any moves. Config: ExtraAbilities: AK4: AirThrust: Cooldown: 1000 Boost: 2.5 Cooldown by default is 1 second. Boost by default is 2.5...
  3. D

    Flight Revamp

    So flight is obviously in need of some tweaking. While initially it worked out as a move, with the addition of elytra there's so much more potential. My idea is as follows; How it would work is that the player would need to have some distance between themselves and the ground, at which point...
  4. ernest9

    Flight 1.9 Appearance change

    Hi, i'm not sure if this has already been suggested, but it's something for the Flight ability that could be possible in 1.9. So it would be that when you fly, you go in the Elytra position, it makes it look more realistic and overall better. This could also work with the Gliders in "PK Items"...