Airbending Nimbus 1.3.0

This ability allows you to ride a cloud for a limited time period, allowing for quick travel and temporary flight.

If you sneak while using this ability, you will gain a slight speed boost at the cost of duration.

This ability is designed to work with versions 1.8.3+ of ProjectKorra Core.

      Cooldown: 4500
      Duration: 3500
      Speed: 0.7
      RainEnabled: true
The cooldown and duration values are in milliseconds.
Do not put a value larger than 1.0 or less than -1.0 for Speed.
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4.38 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest reviews

its fun and all, but i still have one problem and i want it to be fixed.. how will i let non-op players use this ability??
I'm one step closer to becoming Son Goku
All jokes aside, I find it to be an excellent ability for someone of my particular tastes. It works well, and it's useful for combat!
So this move is a great idea! But there are some things I would like changed; I think this move should be toggalable i.e left click to turn on and once again to turn off, also I think that if you change to a different move Nimbus should stop. Unless the goal is to use it with other moves, and lastly maybe make it so you can control it more than just looking around, like used wasd and space and shift to move it
While I do like that you provide suggestions, I do not intend for the player to have a lot of control over Nimbus, this prevents it from becoming an over powered AirSpout or Flight.
Give us a config so that we can edit the values?
There is one?
Needs NimbusJet and NimbusBlast combos ;)
Could you elaborate on that?
Very nice ability. I love the activation of it (sprint+jump). I'd agree that the particles are a bit much though, try condensing them in a lesser space.
Thanks, I'll work on that
Amazing! This is a veru useful ability for mobility and evasion tactics airbenders are so good at. 5 Stars :)
Now this is a move that I would use :)