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earth bend

  1. Pride

    Suggestion Seismic Sense.

    SEISMIC SENSE (Pretty fancy, right?) This is a pretty simple move. As used in the Anime, it helped Toph 'see' people and things around her. So, here's what my description of what Seismic Sense would be like. Gives you Blindness + Night Vision (to be completely blind), then gives everybody the...
  2. MeskenasBoii

    EarthBending - Charging? RaiseEarth

    Earthbender: "I need a shield! The Surface that I'm standing presented isn't earth. I wish I could bend the earth blocks that are scattered around above this ground or even those that are in the air floating, to make myself a wall out of them. To bad it's impossible!" Me: "Not anymore...
  3. MeskenasBoii

    Catapult with friends

    Proof of Concept? Toph, along with Sokka and Suki, she catapulted themselves to the closest airship from the ground with the use of earthbending. How will this technique be proceed? Left Click while charging the ability. After the charge, this will not only cause the user, but this will also...