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  1. DreamerBoy

    Waterbending IceCatapult (Combo) 1.2, PK 1.8.8 & PK 1.8.9

    IceCatapult Another ability that Ming-Hua used while saving P'Li. Description IceCatapult is a kind of ability that pushes you upwards with an ice column, while the entities around get spiked. Except the plant blocks, you could use the ability in every other water-bendable block. Also it gets...
  2. MeskenasBoii

    Denied Catapult > Don't Shockwave please I beg of you and thank you

    For what this is? Either for Catapult or ShockWave What this will do? This will be a config option, with a intregar that can be change by the person, which determines how many times will shockwave work with each catapult. (After those tries are finish, the bender will be able to catapult +...
  3. MeskenasBoii

    Catapult with friends

    Proof of Concept? Toph, along with Sokka and Suki, she catapulted themselves to the closest airship from the ground with the use of earthbending. How will this technique be proceed? Left Click while charging the ability. After the charge, this will not only cause the user, but this will also...