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  1. Viridescent

    Bloodbending BloodShards 1.0.2

    Bloodshards By: Viridescent_ GitHub BloodShards is a BloodBending ability in which the user can extract their own Blood, and turn it into frozen pellets to shoot at their foes with great speed and accuracy. Permission: bending.ability.BloodShards
  2. Seabarrel

    Bloodbending BloodManipulation 1.0.0

    For PK version 1.9 usage: Left click and hold shift depending on your choice. (Arm hurt) shift Left click to numb their arms and decreasing their bending damage. (Leg Hurt) left click to numb their legs making them get slowness config options: ArmHurt: true ArmHurtCooldown: 20000...
  3. Adamskii6

    Can't use BloodBending

    So, I've encountered something extremely weird... I have two accounts on my server, one that's op and does the building etc and one that I play and have fun on... The one I play and have fun on is a WaterBender, and no matter WHAT I do, I can't get BloodBending to work! I have given the right...
  4. StrangeOne101

    Bloodbending BloodRip 1.3

    Note: This is a very dark ability. But Bloodbending in itself is a very dark art. Deal with it. BloodRip Description: An extremely dark bloodbending move that allows you to bend the blood out of your enemies. You can even reuse their blood for other waterbending if you need to. Usage: Hold...
  5. Sobki

    Waterbending Cleanse v1.0.1

    Description: Cleanse is an ability for bloodbenders which allows them to temporarily remove another user's bending. How To Use: Hold shift and right click another player. Permission: bending.ability.Cleanse Compatibility: This resource was built with ProjectKorra version 1.8.1, and is...
  6. Tarrloq

    Blood Grip

    Second Post ... :) Didn't try to copy someone else's job, im in page 16 of suggestions...still reading. #learning BLOOD GRIP Element: Water Subelement: Blood Commands: Shifting + delayed left-click / Shifting + delayed right-click Cooldown: until next full moon It could be both a move or a...
  7. Joeri

    Wall Damage

    I suggest adding seperate wall damage configurations for both blood and air. Meaning that air will have it's own wall damage and blood it's own if server owners want to configure it that way keeping it short
  8. Nin01

    Denied Bleeding

    For some moves like dagger throw, you'd be wounded if a dagger hit you. So you just wouldn't take the default damage, but rather you'd have a form of poison because you are bleeding from the dagger wound. This could also apply for other moves such as being scorched by fire, getting scraped by...