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WaterBlock by DreamerBoy and Hiro

Waterbending WaterBlock by DreamerBoy and Hiro v2.1

  • Added attributes to enable usage with plugins such as BendingItems.
    • Cooldown, Duration, Radius and Knockback are the only ones can be used.
With this new version, you can now add other abilities to blocking list, including your own custom abilities.
You also can configure wave range and blocking limit of all these abilities.
In addition to these, now you can edit WaterBlock's combination, description and instructions.
For more information, read the whole post.
*A bug which is caused by me has been fixed, I forgot to change config options, sorry.
*The ability has been updated to PK 1.9.0
*A bug that's causing sending lots of "out of the sight view" message fixed.
The ability has been updated to PK 1.8.8 & PK 1.8.9.