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Realistic Paralyze

Chiblocking Realistic Paralyze 1.3

Hi there,

You wanted an update? Oh, you didn't? Well too bad because we have one.

Introducing the most bodgey update ever.

  • Toggling sneak or clicking while paralyzed now gives off smoke particles
  • Clicking while paralyzed makes the attack sound but they don't attack
  • Made the paralyzed sound more obvious
Edit: Thanks @MeskenasBoii for helping me test this update
Likes: Loony
The config has been rebalanced:
  • The effects now last longer
Now works better on mobs:
  • Mobs that are paralyzed (arms only) cannot attack or damage you
  • Mobs that have their legs paralyzed are even slower than normal (slowness must be enabled)
As title says