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ProjectKorra (Probending)

ProjectKorra (Probending) 1.1.0

Hey everyone! Beta 10 is out and as promised, updates for everything! We spent a long time rewriting and testing a lot of the base code for Probending so it's smoother and offers awesome new features! Be sure to check it out and remember! This version MUST be used with Core Beta 10 or above.

  • Fixed team disbanding
  • Fixed NPE’s all over the place
  • Fixed various issues with commands
  • Added method to show arena creation
  • Added support for Auto-Matches
  • Added support for divided regions
  • Added new Arena commands (create, delete, setworld, setspawn, setzone, list)
  • Added Autotabbing
General Changes
  • Changed Messages
  • Essentially recoded the way the plugin works
This is *actually* v1.0.1. Properly fixes the following:
  • Strings returning null.
  • WorldGuard Errors when the server did not have WorldGuard installed.