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Misc. / Other CosmicBlast 1.4

I've updated this to work with Spigot 1.13.2+ and Pk 1.8.8+ if anyone still cares about this ability.
Major Update
[~] Totally broke the config in the last update and didn't realize it; it's fixed.
[+] Added new config options allowing you to customize the move more to your liking.
      Cooldown: 5000
      Range: 20
      DoPotionEffects: true
      DoDamage: false
      Damage: 5
DoPotionEffects: true/false If true, then when the blast hits an entity it will apply the potion effects.
DoDamage: true/false If true, the ability will do damage when it hits an entity.

[+] Added instruction to the /b h cosmicblast.
Minor Update
[~] Works for recent versions of Minecraft & ProjectKorra
[~] Fixed the particles in more recent versions of Minecraft; they'll look different in older versions now (I assume).
[~] Charge animation looks different.
[~] Fixed the reason why it's taken so long to update (I broke it a while ago, oops).
Major Update
[+] Full, public release of the ability.
[+] Added sounds.
[~] Many bug fixes.
[~] Design tweaks, maybe more efficient.

Thanks to Finn_Bueno_ for fixing a majority of issues!