«Bending Essentials»

Side Plugin «Bending Essentials» 1.2.5

Fixes BendingSigns not working correctly
Updates to Spigot 1.14.4 and latest ProjectKorra version
PK Config Editor
This allows you to edit PK's config in-game through commands. Once you use this, the config will be automatically saved and updated so the changes take effect immediately.

- /b config [Ability] [Variable] [Value]
For example:
- /b config FireBlast Enabled false
- /b config WaterManipulation Damage 50

Required Permission:

(This does not support addon abilities, MultiAbilities or Combos. It will in the future.)
For more help in-game type /b config.
Likes: xNuminousx
Adds plugin metrics
Fixes bending signs not working correctly. Please let me know if there's anymore issues.
Likes: xNuminousx
«Additions / Changes»
• Bending Signs

I updated bending signs to include a new argument. You can now use the Bind argument to set up signs so players can bind abilities that you specify!
Here's an example:

«Additions / Changes»
• Bending Board

The bending board has been removed. Due to the bending board being buggy, laggy and overall terrible it was preventing me from working on the plugin so I decided to remove it and continue adding more useful features.
I recommend using Rune's bending board: http://projectkorra.com/resources/bending-board.239/
• Added /b revert command
This command allows you to revert all temp blocks created by bending, such as ice created by torrent.
• Added Choose Executor
This will allow you to set up commands for the console to dispatch when someone chooses / changes their element. You can use {player} in the config.yml to target the player.
«Additions / Changes»
• Cleaned up bending board code

«Bug Fixes»

Fixed bending board causing TPS drop.
Fixed spelling error with permissions.
«Additions / Changes»
• Bending Board

Improved the Bending Board by displaying which slot the user is on and overall making the board look nicer.
• Added config.yml
Added a config.yml so people can now disable the Bending Board if they choose to.
• Supporting UUIDs
Updated ToggledPlayers.yml to support UUIDs -
[Notice]: You may need to regenerate your ToggledPlayers.yml file.

«Bug Fixes»
• Bending Signs

Fixed an issue where a player would be sent an 'invalid' message everytime they made a normal sign.
• Fixed multiple NPE's
Likes: Sobki
«Additions / Changes»
• Introducing Bending Signs!
Bending Signs allows you to add Project Korra command on signs for players to activate with a simple click.

Thanks to Omnicypher for letting me take over this addon!
«Additions / Changes»
• Introducing Bending Permissions!
Bending Permissions allows you to search through Project Korra's permissions and find the one that you require. You can use bending permissions by using the /bending permissions command, or simply /b perms.

Credit goes to Simplicitee for the original idea.