Suggestion WaterBubble Block

Element: Water
Combo: Waterbubble (hold shift) -> Waterbubble (punch) -> Surge (hold shift)
Purpose: Defense
CD: 5 -10 seconds

I personally feel that Waterbubble has served its purpose a long time ago when bending was mostly peaceful, but now has been cast away due to its uselessness in battle. I propose that we introduce waterbubble with a combo to quickly protect its user.

Once the combo has been casted, an incoming attack (may it be a torrent, watermanipulation, surge, waterarms, or basically any other attack that is WATER and not ice) the combo has a chance of warping the water around the player in a small-medium sphere to emphasize the "bubble" aspect of the move.
If used by a competent bender, the thrown attack can be dissipated.

Maybe the sphere could be created with water blocks or water particles... i'm not too sure.
Bending wasn't peaceful, but aside that waterbubble still certaintly has use. Not every ability needs a offensive purpose, but... I do think this could have a pass. Maybe not a combo, but with quick timing block torrent like Katara did against Hama's.