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Demonstrated in "Tarlok vs Korra" fight, the avatar ambushes Tarlok by spinning off a wall to knock him away from the mountain while he was with his. In here I'm introducing this combo hoping that this will come in any other stable.

Written Combo Code: RaiseEarth (Left Click) > EarthSmash (Sneak) > EarthSmash (Unsneak)
Explantion of the combo: With RaiseEarth, you select what wall/barrier you would like to bend. After that, you look at the same wall or at anything else that isn't bendable, with EarthSmash and you crouch with it. After that, you stop crouching and you must move your body accordingly how to were you wanna rotate the wall.
Result: After turning your head/body around, the wall (maximum size can be moved is 6x6x1) will spin at a reasonable pace, possibly the time it took for the player to turn around. To make the "spinning" animation eligible, each column of the wall will stick out foward from the structure, each one going higher a block than of other, until creating a dioganal position and ultimatly becoming flipped (Gif will give an example of it). This would of course deal knockback only (all of the current deal it with the addition of damage only).


I'm sorry but I don't get the point of this at all...You can literally just Raiseearth again and get the same effect... Sorry
With WallSpin, you can blast people away that touch it while it rotates. Gives the opportunity to deal appealing knockback that is infront of your wall.
1. MetalShred is a custom ability.
2. MetalShred can only bend metal blocks.
4. MetalShreder needs to be close to it.
5. MetalShred doesn't deal knockback.
I like this idea, I do think that earthbenders should have more options when it comes to using the structures they create.
The only question I have is if this is only going to work with raiseearths, or with other walls that are made of earthbendable materials too.
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