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Updating Abilities


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So I recently returned to play with PK again on my updated server and wanted to update my old ability I created years back. Having forgotten how to even settup an ability I found a video that can guide me through the process of creating one and unfortunately about a quarter through it I was unable to follow any more as Eclipse cannot find a source for PK nor do any of the things the guy says to do past that point as the options aren't available to me. Is there anyone here willing to teach me step by step how to simply update my old ability without recreating it from scratch or is PK no longer allowing that or has spigot changed so much and minecraft that it is impossible to do so? Because Eclipse for me doesn't seem to like 1.19.3 spigot and the latest build of PK.

Link to video:
Link to ability that I made: https://projectkorra.com/forum/resources/pressure.301/

P.S if there is a forum that has guides or videos on how to update old abilities that would be a big help as I am willing to learn how to do it but I have no idea where to start with my above limitations and issues.


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Abilities haven't changed that much. The most that has changed is how particles are spawned. The parameters are now in a different order, but that's about it. Most things in the PK API should be the same

Spigot Jars from 1.18 onwards can't be added to a project directly anymore. Instead, you have to use the API jar.

What bits are you having trouble with? You should just be able to import your old code with the latest PK and Spigot, and after patching the particle methods, it should be fine for the most part