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Suggestion Torrent Redirection


New Member
As it is clearly notified to me that torrent redirection is taboo and unwanted amongst the PK staff community, I still believe that it is a considerable option. As mentioned, the staff mentions that the fight will take too long. However, this is easily counteracted as there are many ways to avoid a redirection. For instance, simply avoiding the torrent. As you may try to refire at my last sentence, it will still be extraordinarily fun to see this new addition to bending. A suggestion may be to simply make the first part of the torrent a source block. You can also limit the number of redirections possible, although this may be counter-intuitive, it will solve the time issue with fights. Bending battles, as spoken from a bender, are determined in length by how skilled and how experienced the bender is. Torrent redirection should be able to take skill, similar to how lightning redirection requires specific timing in order to function. I hope you consider this as a viable addition to bending, and recollect your thoughts about torrent redirection.


Verified Member
I fully agree. Though shouldn't be a priority imo (because I feel waterbending has already enough in their offensive arsenal and other bending arts especially firebending and airbending are very overshadowed), though it certainly is in a high demand list by waterbenders, so there's no point in fighting as either somebody will create it or the forum will be overfilled with the bombardation of this technique. Not to mention, waterbending is all about redirection when two of such element come head toe to toe. Denying it would be is like saying Aang didn't stop the one hundred war.

I seen a valid argument that (paraphrasing) "one of the two waterbenders can create a second torrent blast while the first one is being bent towards one another". In my defense, that concern can be deal with by adding limitation so waterbender A/B can't redirect others torrent while their own is still processing or vice versa, because let's imagine even after releasing the attack it uses up their energy or cognitive effort.