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Important Server Rules

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In addition to the global community rules, the following rules apply in the ProjectKorra Server. These rules are subject to change at any time, without notice. Please do everyone a favor and check back regularly.
  1. The staff will not spawn items, teleport you places, or hold your hand. Survive.
  2. No hacking, exploiting bugs / glitches, or duplicating items.
  3. If it's not protected, it can be taken. Claim your stuff.
  4. If you go into someone else's base / land and you die, it's your fault. Everyone has the right to defend their property.
  5. Do not build offensive structures or large 1x1 towers.
  6. Alt. accounts are not allowed.
  7. You are responsible for everything that happens on your account.
  8. When in doubt about a rule, ask a staff member.
  9. No advertising other servers or harmful/offensive sites.
  10. Do not give out your personal info. This is for your own safety.
    1. All official ProjectKorra links (i.e. the Donation store) are secure. You can put your info there without it being leaked.
    2. Leaking someone else's information is considered Doxxing and will be a bannable offense.
  11. Do not ask for OP or Staff. Instead, apply at http://projectkorra.com/team. If you have the skills and we are looking for new staff members, we'll have you join the team.
  12. No AFK pools or anything that prevents you from being kicked by an afk timer.
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