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Resource Pack Customizer Information / Instructions

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Hello all! I am excited to introduce you all to the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack Customizer! This thread will explain what everything is / how to use it.

You can view the Resource Pack Customizer by clicking here.

From there you can use the form to customize the official ProjectKorra Resource Pack to your liking.

Step 1: Resolution
This is the resolution of the pack. As of July 15th, 2015, the only resolution the Resource Pack has been completed for is the x16 Resolution., so this decision is made for you.

Step 2: Pick A Base
This is where most of the resource pack rests. By default, the 'default' option is selected for you. This is best used with the latest version of Optifine. It is a bit better on the eyes than the 'Lite' version.

The other option, 'Lite' contains many performance enhancements. Best used with Optifine with the following GFX settings to ensure maximum performance.
Smooth Lighting MInimum - 0-15% Lighting
GFX, Fast
Fast Math, ON
2-6 Chunk Render Distance
Anisotropic OFF
Mipmapping, OFF
Step 3: Shaders
Our Resource Pack comes built with a few shaders to make the game more appealing to the eyes for you to use at minimal cost to performance.

Default - Regular Minecraft Shaders
Blue - Give the world a bit of tint. (Brightness - 0-40% for full effect)
MCFX - Designed by @Archiuz, makes the world much more appealing.

Step 4: GUI
Default - Default Minecraft GUI
Green XP Bar - Turns the XP Bar green
Blue XP Bar - Turns the XP Bar Blue
Beveled Widgets - Adds a bevel to the buttons.
Slate Gray Options Background - Changes the background in the menu.

Step 5: Addons
This is where things get fun -- add as many as you would like!
Blue Wither - Turns the Wither monster Blue.
Gray Rain
Blue Moon
Greener Grass
Greener Foilage
Red Blaze
Red Enchanting Table Book
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