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ProjectKorra PlaceholderAPI Integration


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Hey everyone!

A while back I had the idea of creating a PlaceholderAPI expansion for ProjectKorra. I wanted to get some thoughts on this idea, because it's very simple to do, and could be done in a few minute if people are interested.

What is PlaceholderAPI?
For those of you who haven't used or come across PlaceholderAPI before, basically, it's an API used by a lot of plugins for creating text placeholders. Plugins such as BossShop, MessageAnnouncer, DeluxeChat, VentureChat, HoloGUI, and many many more plugins have PlaceholderAPI compatibility (full list here). This means that in any of those plugins, you can use tags such as %factions_faction%, which will then be replaced with the player's faction name if Factions is installed.

What does a ProjectKorra expansion mean?
PlaceholderAPI expansions are simple .jar files which can be put inside the designated plugin directory (for information on setting up PlaceholderAPI, please look at their Spigot resource page). Once doing so, in any supported plugin, you could use tags such as %projectkorra_element%, to replace text with the user's element name, or %projectkorra_elementcolor% to get the colour of their element. You could use these in your holograms, custom chat formatting plugins, whatever. That's what I'm proposing to you, if you think it would be beneficial to do.

So, now that I have enlightened you with all of PlaceholderAPI's glory, if you think it would be worthwhile and would actually use the expansion, let me know and I'll set it up when I get a free few minutes. If you have ideas for placeholders other than element and elementcolor, let me know too. I'm open to suggestions. :)

I'm thinking of setting up a PlaceholderAPI expansion for ProjectKorra. If you would actually use it and think it's worthwhile, or have ideas for different placeholder I could put inside the expansion, let me know and I'll look into it.

Hope you all have a great day, and thanks for reading. :)

EDIT: Some other placeholders I just thought of could be things like each of your bound ability names, elements, element colours, etc.
Eg. %projectkorra_ability1%, %projectkorra_ability1_element%, %projectkorra_ability1_elementcolor%


When I developed a server I loved using place holders. They were very useful in getting information out as quickly as possible and making it look nice.

I approve this message.