Denied OctopusForm: activation!

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Once I fellow remind me on how the octopusform looked like, on how the user was keeping it active, It gave me an idea....

Ok, so this is how a waterbender controlled octopusform in the show looked like:

And this is how a waterbender controls octopusform in the game looks like:

Just comparing the two, we can tell that one is done with sneak, and the other what appears to be spamming a left click (just look at her intimidating rigid hand movement).

Considering that we incorperate a lot of reenactings from the show to the game, why not also change the controls of one's abilities to exact one's demonstrated in the show?

Looking how Katara created, this is how the OF should be created: Start with fundamental current process of forming it: left click a source, then hold sneak. The Whip then gets pulls, and then forms/shapes it into the said construct around you. After it gets created, you then left click every one or two seconds to keep the octy sustained. After two proper time left clicks are done, you can then let go of sneak. You can mess the technique up, 'dropping' your octopusform into evaporation and putting the whole ability on cooldown, if you time each left click wrong (clicking it to late).

^ This new activation process is gonna help me get out of their LeftClick/Sneak_To_Use_Ability rut and use more reaction and critical thinking. All abilities, including addons, doesn't any challenge in performing an ability. Wanna create a all powerfull air vortex shield? Just twerk your both and keep it in that pose, while you abuse the all mighty your finger's power on the keyboard, that doesn't get tired for doing so. That's why I think some abilities need to be changed regarding their controls. There no flavour in the game, when all abilities usually go by this rut: "Left Click.... and hold sneak when that happens... Let go of sneak.... or left click to do that" or just visa versa in between ellipsises.

Ironically, spamming left click isn't that hard, as your fingers can't get numb of repeating that action, but my point still stands. It just adds that diversity thing, where players will be like "Oh cool! This is something new". And how Loony had suggestion for it: the user's slowness will be solved. :)

Concept Designers - please be open minded about this! I think this is really a cool thing to pay attention on, rather scrolling down it and say "meh...". Look into future abilites and how they could incorperate this... thing. Not just into current abilities ;)


So if I get this right you have to hold sneak for initial formation of the octopus form then you can let go but keep it sustained by clicking every 2 sec? If so I really really like that it wil add the mobility we're begging for also it's more realistic.
Yes. Though, I wish right clicking (at the air empty handed) were capable to trigger an event in coding, so that the player could use both arms in a rapid succesion. But hey, what could do? Better to reenact the motion with one hand than with nothing :) I really hope they put this into consideration. Maybe the same could be done with waterbubble? I'll have to look into that ability from the show as well. I might even get an idea for another new control mechanic to incorperate to that ability.

"When ze the game doesn't have martial arts, 'thinking outside the box' is another option!"
- Unknown (2k17).
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