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Suggestion New moves suggestions


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These suggestions might seem a bit radical but stick with me because I think they could be helpful not only in the arenas. First, I think there should be moves named “Watercontrol” and “Earthcontrol”. Once the player sneaks while looking at the bending source block, they would be able to move that block to any space within their grasp. Let’s face it: ProjectKorra bending is almost entirely made for fighting, but I think that these moves could be useful both in the arena and in survival. One can use watercontrol to create a source block for water manipulation or torrent and earthcontrol for
In addition, I think that healing-water should be changed. In the shows, none of the healers heal someone just by standing in water. They waterbend a small amount of water onto the injury and heal the injured area. Therefore, I think that Healingwaters should become a combo. One would use watercontrol to touch the patient and subsequently switch to Healingwaters to heal the person.

Lastly, I believe that there should be a new move whip added to walterbending. It is a famous move in the shows and would provide a move in between watermanip and torrent. It would be a simple fast move that would take too much damage but would deal a lot of knockback.

Right now water is very limited and doesn’t seem like water bending in the shows. If you implement some or all of these changes, I believe that water would be more true to the shows and more effective both on the battlefield and in survival.



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The pk team suggests that you move each suggestion into 1 post and title that post accordingly. That way, if they deny 1 suggestion they don't have to deny the whole thread and if they like your suggestion they don't have to go out of their way to search for it.


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Watercontrol and Earthmanipulation could well go as extention techniques to Watermanipulation and Earthblast respectively, as they are very assosiated to manipulating a chunk of a single block and thus would save spot.

(I would personally make controls different. Watercontrol could require left clicking a particular air block to move it around while holding shift to suspend the water block elevated (simulating the effect/feel on how it was bend in the show, while earthmanipulation just holding shift and simply moving a cursor).

Water whip is pretty useless because we have things like torrent or watermanipulation and with configurations you can change the values of knockback and damage.