New Avatar Move idea


Thought of this really cool avatar move where when they option one get there bending restored from sobki sorry if misspelled cleanse move it will then activate this move the giphy I'm about to share or option 2 the avatar can activate this move when she activates avatar state then ehh shift to enable this move.

ok now to the move it would activate when you do whatever option above and then the user can use airspout to rise up like in this gif and then create the fire/water/earth/air circle thing that can push and hurt players for like 10 secs or something like that then it turns off?I will even pay for it to just be on my server if nobody wants to do it for pk :)

Would be much better off a tweak for Bursts, shockwave and torrent rather than as a new ability. Using these abilities from the spout should imo work under avatarstate influence only. You know to keep things consistent.

As for being overpowered, since when avatarstate wasn't overpowered enough.

Anyway, I support this idea.