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Not sure whenever this is possible through plugins, but renaming mobs with a specific name will induce a respective effect to the mob you named it when using this tool: such as flipping them upside down, applying rainbow effect to sheep's wool, ect.

Now with this plugin running, renaming them in a certain animal (from below list), which are all taken from the ATLA/LOK universe, you apply the effect to the animal...

Hence the forum section I posted, this is for roleplay purposes (while we can't exact looking animals in vanilla-bukkit game, we can recreate some regarding their behaviour and traits)

  • "Flying Bison - #insertname": Allows the mob to fly and be ridden (other words, mountable - if they aren't), and they airblast if proved or when their owner is attacked.
    • Unless you specify the name in the # prefix, the name won't be titled as 'flying bison'.
    • Should be able to carry more than 2 player.
    • Hold chest.
  • "Ringed Tailed Winged Lemur" or "Winged Lemur": retrieve dropped items upon their owner's death, and they can also soar (; fly, but not to high).
  • "Otter Penguin": allows the mob to be ridden and used for fast transportation via sledding on snow while mounted & they avoid players normally like ocelots.
  • "Polar bear dog": allows the mob to be ridden, the mob can grief metal when enough velocity is met, the mob can track others, and have great agility.
  • "Badgermole": allows the mob to be ridden, and gives temporal access to earthbending only to the player while (s)he rides 'em.
  • "Elephant Koi": allows the mob to be ridden, can swim and move only in water in great speeds; useless on land, and can breath underwater.
  • "Knowledge Seekers": bring you books from time to time (via spamming it in your inventory).
  • "Mongoose lizards": mountable, can sprint on water.
  • "Messenger hawk": can send items, when given by the owner, to the specified player.
  • "Dragon": mountable, breaths fire.
  • "Unagi": can breath underwater, swims in oceans; useless on land,
*More to Come in the following ETAs*

General Stuff:
  • Winged lemurs, dragon, mongoose lizards, knowledge seekers, polar bear dogs are tamed to whoever name them, while the flying bison has to be fed with an apple a random of times.
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