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MeteorDash (Combustionbending)

MeteorDash (Combustionbending) 1.5.3 (PK 1.9.3)


Dreig submitted a new resource:

MeteorDash (Combustionbending) - Push yourself by explosions, be save from fall damage, create powerful meteorite explosion

combustionbending move and attack ability

Please, leave rating and comment if you liked it,
Write in the discussion, if you find some bugs, thank you :3


Having solved the secret of subordinating explosions to their will, combustionbenders are able to create explosions from their...
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Dreig updated MeteorDash (Combustionbending) with a new update entry:

Added new visual and fixed some bugs

- Added new visual for ability, you canreturn old visual in config with "FireInHands" parameter.
- Added explosions when you hit targets with FireAura
- Added knockback when you hit targets with FireAura
- Meteorite knockback fixed, now it configurable with "EnemiesKnockback" parameter
- Now you won't have FireAura on falling if you didn't blasted yet
- Added sound when you have FireAura
- Added "MinTimeBetweenExplosions"parameter in config
- Default settings edited
- Chiblocking and /b t...
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