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Denied Lava Passive

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Lava Passive:

When shifting next to lava or while falling above lava all lava in a 4 by 4 area around you will turn to magma. You can walk around and it will keep turning the lava to magma.

You have to hold shift for it to stay because once you let go you will start taking damage and it will disappear in 5 seconds.

This move can turn all lava into magma blocks (flowing and regular).

This move can save you from dying in lava and turing lava into another block, that is still hot, has been shown on TLOK many times.
You can walk around
Basically, earthbenders are immune to magma blocks now? Earthbenders/Lavabenders are not immune to heat, neither to their lava (we seen Bolin and Ghazam running from it). They can only heat up to a degree for it to turn from earth to stone or visa versa.

Remember Toph when Zuko accidentally burn her feet?
Was she in pain? Yes. Did she get singed? Yes.
That examples makes it ridiculous for them to even try walk on something on like magma. I repeat MAGMA. Kids, don't even try to do this at home what Green suggests.

I would understand If you suggested the ability for it to turn those blocks into stone or something else that doesn't normally hurt you. Then walk on it.
This doesn't make sense. They never made lava into a 'cooler' state to walk on it.. This would be an incredibly overpowered feature of earthbending.
Not open for further replies.