Important How To Upload Abilities / Submission Guidelines

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This thread will detail how to upload custom abilities to the ProjectKorra forum and will detail all of the rules and guidelines that all resources are expected to follow.

This thread will not tell you how to create custom abilities. A few tutorials for this already exists and can be found at the links below:
Submission Guidelines
All information in your thread should be coherent. Failure to do so will result in your submission being denied.
  1. Your work must be your own. Any user found to be copying code (not ideas) will have all of their resources removed immediately and will face a temporary ban from the forum. This includes the abilities that are not made public on ProjectKorra and the example abilities in any tutorial you find here. You are free to use other code as reference, but your code should be your own work.
  2. No Malicious Code / Backdoors. Anyone found doing this will have all of their resources removed immediately and will face a permanent ban from the ProjectKorra forums.
    1. Malicious would be something that could destroy another server.
    2. A backdoor would be something that allows other users, usually the developer(s), to come in and have access to stuff they normally wouldn't. Examples would be an ability that is OP only by Default (Like AvatarState), but the developers have access to it regardless of whether or not they are OP. Another example: A secret command that grants the user OP status.
  3. External Links to downloads are not allowed, regardless of where they point to. All resources should use ProjectKorra's resource manager, as it keeps track of versions and changelogs.
  4. All threads must contain the following in a clear and concise manner: (You are, by no means, limited to this. Feel free to make your thread your own, we just require this information in some form)
    1. Ability Name (In the title, this should be the only thing in the title box)
    2. Element Designed For
    3. Functions (All of them)
    4. Clear Description
    5. Permissions (If Applicable)
    6. Config (If Applicable)
    7. Versions of the Plugin Designed To Work With
    8. Screenshots (Optional)
    9. A notice at the bottom containing these exact words:
      1. "This is not an official ProjectKorra ability, therefore, no official support will be provided in any threads other than this one. Use at your own risk."
  5. You MUST maintain your thread. Your thread is the only place on the forum where extensive discussion of your custom ability could be allowed. Please keep it clean, we may go through and filter out the bad posts from the good from time to time. This means to keep the main post updated as the ability updates.
  6. By posting your submission here, the ProjectKorra (Core) Development Team may choose to use your ability in the Core plugin. You automatically agree to this by releasing your ability here.
  7. If you are banned from the forum / remove the resource yourself, it is no longer protected by the same anti-plagiarism rules that we hold everyone else to. It may continue to be updated by someone else or redone.
  8. All uploads should contain your ability jar file only. You should not package ProjectKorra with it or anything else.
How To Submit Abilities
In order to submit your ability you must first go to the Resources page linked at the top of the forum and click the 'Add New Resource' button in the top right of the page.

Once you do that, a window will pop up asking you to select the category that best describes your resource. In this case, you will want to choose "Custom Ability". Press continue.

You should now be on the screen where you submit your Resource. Here is what each box is for:
  • Title: The name of your ability. Nothing else should go here.
  • Version String: The version of your ability. An example would be 1.0.0 if you are uploading it for the first time. This should match the version you used when creating the ability in your getVersion() method. This will automatically change as you update your abilities.
  • Tag Line: A very brief description of what your ability does. You may want to use your /bending help information here.
  • Resource Type: This will only have one option, uploaded file. You can then click Upload Your Resource and select the .jar file that is your ability.
  • Description: This is your thread. Remember, in order for your ability to be approved, you MUST have all information that is required according to Submission Guideline #4.
  • Additional Information URL: Leave this blank. We do not want external links, period. You should have all of the information you need in your thread.
You may also upload any images you want to by clicking upload images. From there you can click Save and your ability will be added into the submission queue. It should take no more than 48 hours for it to be approved. Once it is approved once, you will not have to wait for your updates to be approved. We will do the occasional spot check to make sure that abilities are being maintained.

You are encouraged to report any abilities that may begin to break guidelines, as it is possible we may miss a thing or two.

Note: If you had an ability posted before October 5th, 2012, you have until October 12th, 2012 to update your ability to use this new system. At that point, all old threads will be deleted.
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