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Important How To Add Your Server To The New ProjectKorra Server List

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As of December 22nd, 2015, ProjectKorra is redoing the way in which our server list operates. Our server list will now be handled in its own section of the forum, free from resources and other content. A recent XenForo update allows the use of thread tagging, which we hope will streamline the process a bit.

This thread will not instruct you on how to create a server, there are plenty of tutorials elsewhere for that.

Submission Guidelines
  1. You must own the server you are submitting.
  2. Your server must be running the ProjectKorra (Core) plugin. All other plugins are optional.
  3. All threads must contain the following in a clear and concise manner: (You are, by no means, limited to this. Feel free to make your thread your own, we just require this information in some form)
    1. Server Name
    2. Server IP Address
    3. Server Website (If Applicable)
    4. Server Rules / Link to Server Rules
    5. If your sever is Whitelisted, instructions for how to be Whitelisted
    6. Minecraft versions required
    7. Screenshots (Optional)
    8. Information on server setup preferred. (What other 'main' plugins do you run? How does one play on your server?)
  4. Your server is subject to removal if it meets one of the following criteria:
    1. Your server is no longer up.
    2. Your server no longer runs ProjectKorra (Core)
    3. The server owner was banned from the forum.
    4. The server owner commits malicious acts toward other servers on the list.
    5. The thread is unnecessarily bumped.
    6. The thread no longer contains the disclaimer posted below.
  5. Any posts must contain the disclaimers below and the disclaimer must be displayed in visible text. Do not make the font too small and keep the text in black.
    1. "This is not an official ProjectKorra Server. All Contributions and Donations made to this server are in no way affiliated with ProjectKorra or any of its plugin and goes to the server only. ProjectKorra and its staff is not responsible of your gameplay experience while on this server.
How to Submit Your Server
In order to submit your server, you must create a new thread and include all of the aforementioned information. The new thread can be created in this section of the forum and nowhere else.

The title of the thread should just be your server name and nothing else. This shouldn't contain a list of plugins or anything like that, i.e. "KorraCraft"

When you create tags for your server post, do not overdo it. Tags should contain information that help with sorting your server. This could be extra plugins / add ons you use, etc. These are frequently Moderated and cleaned. Examples: "ProjectKorra (Items), Probending, Factions, Economy, Spigot" are appropriate tags. (This list is not exhaustive)

Your server will have to be approved before other members can see it. This should be done within 24 hours and is done by the Digital Department. If your server is denied, you will get a message with a reason as to why.

Servers listed as Resources currently will have to make new threads and get their server reapproved. The Server Resources Section will be cleaned out on December 27th.
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