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Suggestion HealingWaters Orb


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SO! Yes.. this is HEAVILY Zenyatta // Overwatch inspired by the Orb of Harmony... and (elementum healingwaters inspired // Ew ew.. I know...)
{{ https://gfycat.com/gifs/detail/SecondhandTestyBaiji }}

Element: Water
Type: Combo
Sub: Healing
CD: 10 seconds...?
Range: Configurable (maybe 15-20 blocks as the starting range)
Healing: Lowest healing setting possible (or maybe .5 health per 1.5 seconds IDK HOW CODING WORKS)
Combo: Healingwaters (Hold shift) -> Watermanipulation (Punch {IN THE TARGET'S DIRECTION} -> Watermanipulation (Release shift)

So.. idea of this suggestion is that the player would have a waterbottle or be in water and perform the combo. There would be a small ball of water particles that would shoot out from your hands and be absorbed into the other player's body and there'll be a swirl of water healing the player.
The combo will remain until the original player 1.) Lets go of shift or 2.) Gets damaged / killed

And the idea of this is so that "Water Battle Medics" Would not have to go into the fray to directly be harmed while healing the other person. The healer could hide while the particles would slowly heal the fighter.

Sorry, that it might be hard to understand the post..


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I think waterbending has enough distant abilities. I don't like that healing water needs it too, even If it's a variation of it as a combo. I just don't like it.