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Suggestion Geokinesis


Verified Member
Name: Geokinesis
Element: Earthbending.
Application: With this ability, you can move any shape and size (based on the set limit in the config) earth; metal and sand (If the user has their respective subelement permissions) objects from one spot to another. Almost similar to the Worldedit's plugin the /move command.
Usage: Select the two corners (-blocks) of the square, which you would like to bend, by left clicking the first one than right clicking the other one or vice versa. The earth block you clicked at the start will turn into stone (or brick if it already is), and so will the second with if clicked with the opposite mouse button (otherwise, the first block will turn to normal, while the recent gets selected). Now you can type /earthbending bend [direction] to move (only earth blocks in) the selected source square/cuboid-object in the direction you specified (or the direction your POV is facing: If unspecified) in the executed command.

Alternatively, you can move it around through your cursor after tapping sneak.
Category: Survival|Utility|Building

Now to move other shape objects/structures:
  • Sneak click to select the center and RMB to extend {for Spheres}.
  • Sneak click to select the center and LMB to extend {for Cylinder}.
  • Left click to select first point, then sneak to extend {for Poly} and vice versa {for Ellipsoid}.
- Enabled: False
- Size: 36 (2x6x3 (the maximum amount of blocks that the user can move).
- Distance: 6 (how near must the user to the object must).
- Range: 19 (how far can the user move it).
- Contact: Off (can the user stand on the object or be in physical contact with it).
- Cooldown: 20 seconds.