Future Features


Since it's official that the mod development and the plugin development are affiliated, can we expect to see some popular features in the Pk plugin, and it's add-ons, to be sort of remade in the mod?

For instance, players love the scoreboard that was included with JedCore. Although I've seen the way the mod displays moves so I don't think that's an issue, just an example. Or popular canon abilities like the spouts (AirSpout, WaterSpout) or even a WaterArms.

Is it possible we'll be seeing the merge of existing concepts into the mod? I think the option to be a mod gives so many more new opportunities that a plugin can't offer; so it'd be awesome to see some of the current moves remade in a more realistic way.


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Forge Developer
Yeah I'm thinking that a lot of the moves could be remade; however, Crows and I need to implement the base skill tree framework for specialty bending, and unlocking moves. I was also thinking of implementing this. What do you think?