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Suggestion (Fire) Better Blaze Interactions

Blaze used to be able to permanently destroy useful objects that could be used against Fire.
Keyphrase: Used to.

1) Blaze should have the option in the config for a revert time. (Enable / Disable, along with time).
This would allow you to replicate Blaze's current regenerative ability that it has if you blaze something such as a tall grass patch...
However, this would also allow you to make it so that Blaze actually has the option to destroy plants like it should, with the ability to decide when it should revert back. Without revert disabled, there will be no revert and Blaze would just destroy the blocks that it used to be able to. This includes:
  • Any "plant" such as grass, roses, dandelions, etc.
  • Layered Snow

2) Blaze should have the ability to stay on ignitable blocks instead of being self-extinguished like it usually does. This would, again, be a config option.
For example, if you were to Sneak Blaze on Netherrack with self-extinguish turned off, you would be left with a ring of fire around yourself. If possible, you could choose which Blaze has this ability, should you wish to do so.
#2 Not sure about that one. That's what I found special and different from fireburst ability to this. I like how it temporarely lights the place. However, since you're proposing it as a config option, I shouldn't mind that.

Never play fire much, so I don't recall on blaze grier much. I didn't knew it was there and that it got removed... Just a random fact.

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