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Custom Server Need Help

Hello people,
I am running my own bending server for a few people and I would like to make it so once they have picked an element they can't change whenever they want. How do I make it so they can only pick their element once and then I the owner have to change it for them if they wish to switch.


Staff member
Plugin Developer
This is the default behaviour. Unless a player has the permission node bending.command.rechoose, they cannot change their element.
To reword what I said, it's already the default to not have it. You don't need to negate it as players will not have it unless you give them it.
Got it. Is there some way to accidentally give permission to someone? Would de-opping someone take away their ability to change?


if you have not modified someones permissions then when they're de-oped they will go back to having only default permissions. So naturally, de-oping someone would take away their ability to change elements unless you've given them the permission node to change. I don't believe you can "accidentally" give permissions to someone.