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COTE could use some improvement.

Do you like how the current COTE is design?

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I think we can agree the COTE is too plain, simple and dull, and a few pointed that out.

As you know, because I've already mentioned it (and I understand it is being worked on but I just wanna include it on this thread as well), the arena is looking a little under developed. I dont know if work on one has already started or not, but I would like to provide some of my personal opinions on what makes a "good arena."
So for starters, a Bending arena should be able to acclimate to all of all of the Bending arts. Such as:
  • Water - Water will need sources if bottles aren't provided. On land, plant sources are preferable (grass, flowers, trees, others?). But keep in mind it's possible to have too much vegetation. If the arena ends of being a sort of natural-earthy theme then it can be easy to have too much sources. I suggest making it to where a source is always close by, but also make the waterbenders utilize their resourcefulness. If a source is ALWAYS available, then the arena can quickly become over powered by waterbenders (by creating ice and being able to effortlessly deal damage).
  • Earth - Similar to water sources will need to be readily available to the benders. Of course there's gonna be dirt and stone in most areas of the arena, that's expected (if not a given). But also, have structures, platforms, or other obstacles that could cause a bit of issues for an earthbender. Not too much where they are easily bested, but enough to where they are challenged. For instance, if an earthbender isn't careful when catapulting they could accidentally land on a roof of a building and potentially kill or harm themselves. Also, I would suggest having underground "mines" of some sort, to appeal to the earthbenders that are going to mine to get iron for their metalbending abilities. You'll likely have iron ore already down there, but pockets within the Earth (like a mine shaft) could act as a sanctuary for earthbenders. Similarly to waterbenders who will have the upper hand in a lake, the earthbender will have an upper hand under ground or around a flat area. And speaking of flat areas, be sure there are some of those too. Earthbending is extremely difficult with a bunch of "lumps" in the ground that continuously block or mess up a lot of their moves. Without a flat space, earthbenders could parish; but with too many they could overwhelm the arena.
  • Fire - This element (and air) will be easy to adapt to just like air and Chi, which is why I put water and Earth first. For a Firebender to have a chance, regardless of skill, there will need to be obstacles; such as trees, houses, hills, boulders, or even hedges. This will give the arena character as well as offer any bender the chance to hide away and flee. As far as attacks go, a Firebender can thrive in open spaces similar to an earthbender.
  • Air - This element is probably the easiest to adapt to. You really don't need anything special for this element (that I happen to main in) because they are able to adapt to most, if not all, circumstances. As long as they have space, they'll be fine. If they're in an open, plains then they can AirBlast away or just simply run around. If they're in a forest they have AirBlast and airshield. Maybe offer them a few mountains so they can use their mobility as an advantage when escaping enemies.
  • Chi - This is the class of agility. Air may master in mobility but Chi masters in abilities such as acrobatics. Chi is almost certain to perish (and be unused by players) if there's too much open space. A chi blockers will take advantage of the shadows, stalk their prey, use the trunks of trees as obstacles to dodge their enemies, and use a house or cave and quickly turn it into a murderous death trap. So as you can tell, if you give the arena TOO much space then chi may not ever come out. But give them too much and they'll dominate. Offer some caves that can hide them away or some secret escape hatches in a building somewhere. If you make a forest I suggest adding some hills in it rather than keeping it mostly flat. I typically see chi thrive where there's a more mountainous, hill-y area. They can use it to their advantage.
Keep in mind, these are just my personal opinions. Feel free to conjure your own in your reply.
Next, an arena should be appealing. I typically enjoy an ancient theme when it comes to Bending arenas. For one, it's easier to include nature (AKA the 4 elements) into your build because they frequently weren't too overwhelming like New York City or a Spanish Villa. Some interesting medieval architecture would be awesome in my opinion. Add a couple structures, you could place signs that make it feel like an RPG map, have some flying balloons of some sort (possible Fire Navy War Balloon?????). This is the kind of architecture I enjoy but everyone's different. It'll be easier to design an arena fit for the 4 elements that way.
Something I was disappointed to see was that there were very little plants for waterbenders in cote and the arena was insanely flat with no interesting additions to it. To have that be such an important arena with what looks to have very little effort put into it is upsetting and especially not what I was expecting.
Yes, I know that it was intented to be simplictic and for WIP (whatever that means), but tbh regardless I still think it needs improvement even If it's based of an orion's timeline arena. Plugin has change through the years, so why we have to stick with non-changed met arena? Also, oddly enough, everyone plays there most of the time

My Opinion on what makes the arena a good one:
  • For waterbenders square, I'd say cover it with snow layers/blocks or just provide enough vegation with more and less (which imo should be in all squares). The Current conditions makes so that waterbenders have to stare at the river/stream while the other two remaining benders fight at the edge of the closed-lid dome while the waterbener is trembling his/her feet, hesitated to walk forward and away from their mother lake.
  • Earthbenders square could benefit with diversity. Instead of stereotypical sand, make the ground of bunch of (ALL) random earthbendable blocks and insert a iron block cave/shaft or metalbendable plane/airship crash landsite. Metalbending is rarely focused on and barely aknowledge that it exists as a bendable block.
  • Also, there could be some obstacles/structures (like a tree or a house) for chi blockers to utilize for dodging, climbing over, self-defending, observing landscape&opponents with boardened view. Also, gives us a challenge for benders to improve aiming and not mindlessly spam every technique with easy.
  • Also, I think the water river/stream should be deeper for two reasons:
    • Freezing becomes an annoyance.
    • So that waterbubbler's can't spawnkill you when you just wanna fall into water without breaking your legs after the bubble emerges from the underwater (if the stream was deeper, the bubble wouldn't reach the surface from the very deep of the bottom).
~ Share your thoughs. Do you like the arena or not? Do like the ideas propose here? Wanna share yours in the comment section? ~


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Then there can be added air pockets (like with Signs made) some in the corners/sides that vents through with a tunnel to a random location in the arena.


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Like the option B, as for A - would take longer for normal players to swim to the shore/dryland.
What are they doing in the middle of a river in the first place? I find it unlikely that they'd end up too far from one side because if they were thrown or pushed they'd end up more on one side then the other.


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Depending on how with you want it to be. 5 blocks gap would be enough, or even maybe 7 but no more.

Considering they can fell in many circumstandal knockback ways, like knocked by surge and unfortunately for the victim that happen to fell in the middle of it.


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Sadly, this still hasn't change, after my rant a few weeks pasted. Anyone that agrees with the issue that I addressed, voice this out on discord channel and in-game server too.

While I do suck at waterbending, I'll admit, but I feel like a decent skilled waterbender would have a problem with the current waterstream system. If see players duking it out at the sand far away from the water river, you as a waterbender watching them. Even If waterarms are useless in this situation, as you can only use it for 2 tries until the cooldown hits. Also, good luck fighting airbenders that airsuction you away from the vicitiny of bendables and they do as what they can do prevent you from reaching out your weapons.

God dammit, I don't even know which precise department of the server to tag on. @ViperMLG @Hades @AndDrew @MrMagicBlox @ApeMan_ @floory565 @NeedAGoodUsername @Aether @Moonelight I hope whoever is in charge of thinking the design /& creates it thinks through this a little bit and maybe considering looking into how to resolve it.


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I have an idea! Go to the other arena :O. It's intentionally really simplictic and I'm keeping it like that. Plants get destroyed because the resets aren't automatic and happen about once every couple days. Deal with it. Sorry to be so blunt and rude but you've made so many posts in the discord and forums and now a thread that I'm getting really annoyed.


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Well If you think
Plants get destroyed because the resets aren't automatic and happen about once every couple days. Deal with it.
Than it could include more pools, If for some reason reset doesn't work properly. Think of it, this way: replace the stream with earth and change the remaining earth with water. Does that convient to you.


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Deal with it.
I guess this is the "we're all human" side of the staff I've heard so much about. If someone has a problem you solve it, don't tell them to deal with it. 1 players unsatisfaction could easily turn into many. I already don't play on the server because it lacks but this just kind of gives that a reason.

And you do have a point AndDrew, he could use the other arena. However I think he just wants Project Korra to be the very best that it can be and that includes its builds. You say it's intentionally simplistic but honestly it looks like someone didn't bother making it look nice, as long as we're all being honest here.

His many posts is a symbol of his care. He wasn't even attacking anyone in them, he was just trying to make a change. If you're getting annoyed, saying nothing would have been a lot better. He's literally pleading for someone to do something.


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I have an idea! Go to the other arena :O.
I would If people, but than people could lean to COTE and stay I'm basically left alone there.

Sorry to be so blunt and rude but you've made so many posts in the discord and forums and now a thread that I'm getting really annoyed.
To be honest, I only made that rant only TWICE. I thought it needs mentioning again, because I'm really concern that it might be plain and dull of a arena, not to just me since I haven't anyone say "I really like how the COTE is design" other than from the builder.

I know your aiming with the goal of making the arena unique for this server, but I got to tell you: other servers have better bending arenas than this one. Why? I already said why this one sucks with the constructive points.
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