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Cleanse & CovertBending

Cleanse & CovertBending 1.0.0


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u_u submitted a new resource:

Cleanse & CovertBending - Assume the abilities that have been passed down the Yakone bloodline.

Cleanse: Bloodbenders may sever the chi paths of another bender, rendering them unable to bend. This ability cannot be used on non-benders.

CovertBending: Also known as "psychic bloodbending", skilled bloodbenders are able to assert an edge over their opponent in a covert manner. Their bending will be interrupted, and they will stumble in place for a brief moment. This ability cannot be used on other bloodbenders...
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hey do i need to turn something on for it to work?/ cleanse
You need to be above a configured health percentage, and the victim needs to be below that. Check your config, the default options for those are:

        # The user must be above at least 80% health to use the ability
        User: 0.8
        # The victim must be below at least 50% health to be a valid target
        Victim: 0.5


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when I installed it , it works great but it cause many plugins not to work, also it reduces server TPS
I'm not gonna give you poor review because your ability is great but Please fix it.