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Cleanse & CovertBending

Bloodbending Cleanse & CovertBending 1.0.0

Cleanse: Bloodbenders may sever the chi paths of another bender, rendering them unable to bend. This ability cannot be used on non-benders. You must be above the configured health threshold, and the victim below that.

CovertBending: Also known as "psychic bloodbending", skilled bloodbenders are able to assert an edge over their opponent in a covert manner. Their bending will be interrupted, and they will stumble in place for a brief moment. This ability cannot be used on other bloodbenders.

Cleanse is mostly intended as a roleplay ability, but has a plethora of options to somewhat balance it nonetheless. CovertBending is used by pressing the off-hand key. This can be toggled off with /pk toggle BloodPassives.


    Cooldown: 60000
    # The amount of time it takes before the cleanse is complete
    CleanseTime: 5000
        # The user must be above at least 80% health to use the ability
        User: 0.8
        # The victim must be below at least 50% health to be a valid target
        Victim: 0.5
    # Whether the victim must be chiblocked at the time of cleansing to be a valid target
    RequireChiblocked: false
    # Whether the cleanse is permanent
    Permanent: true
    # The amount of time it will take for the victim to have their bending returned,
    # if the cleanse is not permanent
    Duration: 30000
        # Whether a message should be broadcast to the whole server
        Broadcast: true
        # The message to broadcast
        Content: "&8[%user%] &c%victim%&7, the world has been cleansed of your impurities."
    Cooldown: 1000
    # The range at which a victim can be bent
    Range: 32.0
    # The strength of the stumble that is applied to the victim
    Velocity: 0.05
    # Whether the victim should be chiblocked in order to interrupt their bending
    Chiblock: true
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Latest reviews

Really cool idea, but cleanse doesn't work on a player, I think it might be because they had waterbending once? I'm not sure. And with the addon installed you can't use offhand swap anymore to swap items. But the abilities themselves are really fun.
i loved it it was cool